Rae is a Language Coach, Community Builder & Educator ❤️
Rae is a Language Coach, Community Builder & Educator ❤️
Learn languages with more depth and empathy ✨ Every voice is unique
with Rae ✨ Based in Sweden/Florida/Jamaica 🛫 Travelling the World 👨‍💻 Work Globally (@raes_tea everywhere)

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I've travelled the world, lived in 5 nations and aquired 4 languages by 23

Here's what I learned: Language learning has more to it than apps and platform creators would have you think. Learning a language encompasses social skills, time management, life optimization, empathy, emotional intelligence, culture intelligence and much more. We often fall into the idea that if I just read words, if I just learn more grammar then I’ll speak a language— I can become fluent. There’s a reason why the preservation of languages is important. There is way more depth to language, and its through a holistic approach that we will create a nuanced fluency in whatever target language we’ve fallen in love with.
I’m in the language space to deepen the discourse around languages, language acquisition and being a language teacher.


Currently I'm...

📍Miami, Florida
🔜 Jamaica
Working On:
🖥️ Website Revamp
📖 The Summer Polyglot Magazine
📕 Daoism by Livia Kohn
📕 How to Love a Jamaican
👩🏻‍💻 CSS
🇸🇪 Swedish C1 Certificate

📩 Email : raesofenergy@gmail.com
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